Sometimes, we might feel confused and anxious in our parenting journey (or maybe a lot of times!). Using mindfulness as a tool, helps us to get back to a place of peace.


In this interview with Catherine Galea, we discuss how we can use mindfulness as a tool, as well as simple ways you can start being more mindful in your everyday life.

Catherine, is the founder of Unlock your Purpose, an empowerment coach, mindfulness teacher for adults and children, Master NLP practitioner, EFT practitioner, Reiki healer, Womb healer, Chakra Dance Facilitator and an inspirational speaker.


She has worked with adults, youths and children. She has also delivered soft skills/personal development training workshops locally and internationally. she holds the vision of creating a mindful world where we can all be happy, peaceful, empowered and fulfilled.


Catherine is the creator of a unique coaching programme - Unlock Your Purpose. In this programme she teachers 5 strategies that will transform life of the participant as they unlock their life purpose and start doing the work they are meant to do. It is a combination of self-awareness, coaching, self-reflection exercises, creativity mindset and belief work and meditation that leads to life fulfilment, success and happiness.

She is the mother of a 4 year old daughter, Sophia and lives with her family in Cyprus. She loves dancing, nature and exploring. Catherine has a deep connection with the land, Mother Earth and one of her dreams is to create Goddess retreats on the island of Goddess Aphrodite, Cyprus. 

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